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Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue is an approved 501c3 all Donations are tax deductible. P.O. Box 13 Hardy, Va 24101 540-721-1910
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2017 Grants
Alexander McCausland Trust

General Operation Grant

RVHR funding is received via small grants and public donations. We are NOT funded by any State or Federal entity

Report abuse or neglect

The purpose of Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, Inc. is to promote the prevention of equine abuse and help owners when we can.

A few thing you should know before continuing:

  1. Reporting horse neglect or abuse here does not guaranty that the horse/s will be removed from it’s owner.
  2. RVHR will do what we can to assist the animal. The laws in each state are different and we do as much as we can to help the animal within the law.
  3. RVHR staff can not just go and take a horse away from its owner. All legal routes will be taken to assist an animal in need.

What we do:

  1. Once we receive your information you will receive an email that it was receive and reviewed
  2. RVHR will contact your Local Animal Control Office to give them the information
    1. Animal Control will need to be the first to investigate your complaint.
    2. The Complaint is file by RVHR as the Complainant and not you to help keep your identity anonymous.
    3. RVHR will offer assistance to AC if needed.

Please complete the following form to submit your report..

How many animals are you reporting?
What is the animal/s over all body condition/s? Example: I see hip bones, ribs, a flat top line, uncared for injury.
What Color is Horse One?
What Color is Horse Two?
What Color is Horse Three?
Does the animal/s have a sufficient supply of food that you can see?
Does the animal/s have a sufficient of Water?
Does the animal/s have a shelter?
If you have any photo/s you can attach them here. Multiple files can be uploaded.
In which county are the/these horse/s located?
Did you contact your local animal control or law enforcement?
If Yes please tell us what they told you. Along with Name, number and any information they gave you.
Do you know the owners name? if so enter here
Owners Address:
Location and Directions to where the horse/s are located. Include reference points with a physical address
Provide any additional information you feel to be pertinent to this situation:
Do you give RVHR permission to release your name and information to animal control in regards to the report?
If the animal/s are removed from it's current owner by animal control are you willing to testify in court to what you have observed?

Clicking submit will take you to the next page.  If you remain on this page you have not entered information in a required field.

RVHR’s 1st Horse

In Loving Memory Of
Nicky, RVHR's 1st Rescued Horse
Arrived January 2003
Placed October 2006

Born May 18th, 1978
Passed Away November 1st, 2010

NOTE: RVHR Mares under the age of 15 are in our new ZonaStat-H program.

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