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Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue is an approved 501c3 all Donations are tax deductible. P.O. Box 13 Hardy, Va 24101 540-721-1910
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2017 Grants
Alexander McCausland Trust

General Operation Grant

RVHR funding is received via small grants and public donations. We are NOT funded by any State or Federal entity

Become a Volunteer

Thank you for wanting to volunteer at the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue (RVHR).

We operate with volunteer power and do our best to provide rewarding opportunities for our volunteers.

Many apply to volunteer here because they want to learn horseback riding. So it is important to talk about this up front. We are not a riding instruction facility and there is no riding at RVHR.

Basic task for our Volunteers are as follow:



Putting out hay

Cleaning Stalls

Cleaning Water tanks

Cleaning Barns and Run-ins

Building repair and building

Grounds upkeep (mowing and weed eating)

Please note we hold our new volunteer orientations on a as need basis.   We appreciate you considering volunteering at RVHR.

Patricia L. Muncy
Founder and President

Requirements: Must be 18 yrs. old. *If you are under 18, you must have an adult accompany you at all times.*

First Name:*
Last Name:*
Date of Birth:*
How did you here about RVHR?
Days You are Available to volunteer:*
Hours you are Available to volunteer:*

The following questions are for the safety of our staff and other volunteers. This information will remain confidential:

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*
If Yes Please Explian...
Have you ever been convicted of a sexual offense?*
If Yes Please Explian.....
Have you ever been convicted of animal Cruelty or neglect?*
If Yes Please Explain......
Are you filling out this form for Court Appointed Community Service Hours and/or School Community Service Hours?
If Yes which county or school.....
Number of Hours needed.

Please complete the following information about yourself and your experience with horses: (NOTE: If you have no experience with horses that is just fine. We would just like to know if you do.)

Please describe you horse experience, if any:
Please describe any other experiences or talents that you would like us to know about:
Are you employed at this time?*
If Yes with whom?

Note: Orientation is your first visit to the facility and you may leave after your orientation is completed.  Orientation last for 2 hours please make your plans accordingly to stay for these 2 hours.  Volunteer will fill out paperwork and be taken around for a tour of the facility. 

Please provide the following emergency contact information:

Your Emergency Contacts Name:*
Emergency Contacts Phone:*
Relationship to you?
Do you have any medical limitations or do you take any prescription medications?*
If Yes Please Explian What

I understand that by signing this application electronically, I am applying to volunteer at Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue Inc. and understand that for any reason my application may be denied. I also understand that the information I've provided may be used to request a background check, including criminal records to verify personal information. By signing this application I am verifying that all information I've provided is accurate.

Electronic Signature*
Date Submitted:
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Clicking submit will take you to the next page.  If you remain on this page you have not entered information in a required field.

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RVHR’s 1st Horse

In Loving Memory Of
Nicky, RVHR's 1st Rescued Horse
Arrived January 2003
Placed October 2006

Born May 18th, 1978
Passed Away November 1st, 2010

NOTE: RVHR Mares under the age of 15 are in our new ZonaStat-H program.

Click here for more Info on our Fertility Control Program
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